Israel Shahak: The Laws against Non-Jews in Two Minutes

A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court. To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.

Thus, one of the two most important commentators on the Shulhan Arukh explains that when it comes to a Gentile, ‘one must not lift one’s hand to harm him, but one may harm him indirectly, for instance by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice .., there is no prohibition here, because it was not done directly: He points out, however, that an act leading indirectly to a Gentile’s death is forbidden if it may cause the spread of hostility towards Jews.

A Gentile murderer who happens to be under Jewish jurisdiction must be executed whether the victim was Jewish or not. However, if the victim was Gentile and the murderer converts to Judaism, he is not punished.

When our forces come across civilians during a war or in hot pursuit or in a raid, so long as there is no certainty that those civilians are incapable of harming our forces, then according to the Halakhah they may and even should be killed… Under no circumstances should an Arab be trusted, even if he makes an impression of being civilized … In war, when our forces storm the enemy, they are allowed and even enjoined by the Halakhah to kill even good civilians, that is, civilians who are ostensibly good.

Rabbi Shim’on used to say: “The best of Gentiles – kill him; the best of snakes dash out its brains.”

As for Gentiles, the basic Talmudic principle is that their lives must not be saved, although it is also forbidden to murder them outright. The Talmud itself~~ expresses this in the maxim ‘Gentiles are neither to be lifted [out of a well] nor hauled down [into it]‘. Maimonides explains:

“As for Gentiles with whom we are not at war … their death must not be caused, but it is forbidden to save them if they are at the point of death; if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued, for it is written: ‘neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy fellow’ – but [a Gentile] is not thy fellow.”

In particular, a Jewish doctor must not treat a Gentile patient. Maimonides – himself an illustrious physician – is quite explicit on this; in another passage he repeats the distinction between ‘thy fellow’ and a Gentile, and concludes: ‘and from this learn ye, that it is forbidden to heal a Gentile even for payment…’

However, the refusal of a Jew – particularly a Jewish doctor – to save the life of a Gentile may, if it becomes known, antagonize powerful Gentiles and so put Jews in danger. Where such danger exists, the obligation to avert it supersedes the ban on helping the Gentile. Thus Maimonides continues: ‘ … but if you fear him or his hostility, cure him for payment, though you are forbidden to do so without payment.’

The 14th century Arba’ah Turirn and Karo’s Beyt Yosef and Shulhan ‘Arukh.19 Beyt Yosef adds, quoting Maimonides: ‘And it is permissible to try out a drug on a heathen, if this serves a purpose’; and this is repeated also by the famous R. Moses Isserles.

Desecrating the Sabbath – that is, doing work that would otherwise be banned on Saturday – becomes a duty when the need to save a Jew’s life demands it.

The problem of saving a Gentile’s life on the Sabbath is not raised in the Talmud as a main issue, since it is in any case forbidden even on a weekday;

The most up-to-date Halakhic position on these matters is contained in a recent concise and authoritative book published in English under the title Jewish Medical Law. This book, which bears the imprint of the prestigious Israeli foundation Mossad Harav Kook, is based on the responsa of R. Eli’ezer Yehuda Waldenberg, Chief Justice of the Rabbinical District Court of Jerusalem. A few passages of this work deserve special mention.

First, ‘it is forbidden to desecrate the Sabbath … for a Karaite.’ This is stated bluntly, absolutely and without any further qualification. Presumably the hostility of this small sect makes no difference, so they should be allowed to die rather than be treated on the Sabbath.

As for Gentiles: ‘According to the ruling stated in the Talmud and Codes of Jewish law, it is forbidden to desecrate the Sabbath – whether violating Biblical or rabbinic law – in order to save the life of a dangerously ill gentile patient. It is also forbidden to deliver the baby of a gentile women on the Sabbath.’

Sexual intercourse between a married Jewish woman and any man other than her husband is a capital offense for both parties, and one of the three most heinous sins. The status of Gentile women is very different. The Halakhah presumes all Gentiles to be utterly promiscuous and the verse ‘whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue [of semen] is like the issue of horses’40 is applied to them. Whether a Gentile woman is married or not makes no difference, since as far as Jews are concerned the very concept of matrimony does not apply to Gentiles (‘There is no matrimony for a heathen’). Therefore, the concept of adultery also does not apply to intercourse between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman; rather, the Talmud equates such intercourse to the sin of bestiality. (For the same reason, Gentiles are generally presumed not to have certain paternity.)

This does not imply that sexual intercourse between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted – quite the contrary. But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be executed, even if she was raped by the Jew: ‘If a Jew has coitus with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmarried, and even if he is a minor aged only nine years and one day – because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble’ The Jew, however, must be flogged, and if he is a Kohen (member of the priestly tribe) he must receive double the number of lashes, because he has committed a double offense: a Kohen must not have intercourse with a prostitute, and all Gentile women are presumed to be prostitutes.


According to the Halakhah, Jews must not (if they can help it) allow a Gentile to be appointed to any position of authority, however small, over Jews. (The two stock examples are commander over ten soldiers in the Jewish army’ and ‘superintendent of an irrigation ditch’.) Significantly, this particular rule applies also to converts to Judaism and to their descendants (through the female line) for ten generations or ‘so long as the descent is known’.

Gentiles are presumed to be congenital liars, and are disqualified from testifying in a rabbinical court. In this respect their position is, in theory, the same as that of Jewish women, slaves and minors; but in practice it is actually worse. A Jewish woman is nowadays admitted as a witness to certain matters of fact, when the rabbinical court ‘believes’ her; a Gentile – never.

The Talmud bluntly forbids giving a gift to a Gentile … a Jew may give a gift to a Gentile acquaintance, since this is regarded not as a true gift but as a sort of investment, for which some return is expected. Gifts to ‘unfamiliar Gentiles’ remain forbidden.

Taking of interest. Anti-Gentile discrimination in this matter has become largely theoretical, in view of the dispensation (explained in Chapter 3) which in effect allows interest to be exacted even from a Jewish borrower. However, it is still the case that granting an interest-free loan to a Jew is recommended as an act of charity, but from a Gentile borrower it is mandatory to exact interest. In fact, many – though not all – rabbinical authorities, including Maimonides, consider it mandatory to exact as much usury as possible on a loan to a Gentile.

Lost property. If a Jew finds property whose probable owner is Jewish, the finder is strictly enjoined to make a positive effort to return his find by advertising it publicly. In contrast, the Talmud and all the early rabbinical authorities not only allow a Jewish finder to appropriate an article lost by a Gentile, but actually forbid him or her to return it.

Fraud. It is forbidden to defraud a Jew by selling or buying at an unreasonable price. However, ‘Fraud’ does not apply to Gentiles.

However, robbery of a Gentile by a Jew is not forbidden outright but only under certain circumstances such as ‘when the Gentiles are not under our rule’, but is permitted ‘when they are under our rule’.

It is therefore clear that – exactly as the leaders and sympathizers of Gush Emunim say – the whole question to how the Palestinians ought to be treated is … simply a question of Jewish power: if Jews have sufficient power, then it is their religious duty to expel the Palestinians.

There is also a series of rules forbidding any expression of praise for Gentiles or for their deeds, except where such praise implies an even greater praise of Jews and things Jewish.

In §322, dealing with the duty to keep a Gentile slave enslaved for ever (whereas a Jewish slave must be set free after seven years)

In §545, dealing with the religious obligation to exact interest on money lent to Gentiles, the law is stated as follows: ‘That we are commanded to demand interest from Gentiles when we lend money to them, and we must not lend to them without interest,’

In explaining the ban against delaying a worker’s wage (§238) the author is careful to point out that the sin is less serious if the worker is Gentile… Similarly, the prohibitions against giving misleading advice, hating other people, shaming them or taking revenge on them (§§240, 245, 246, 247) apply only to fellow-Jews.

The ban against following Gentile customs (§262) means that Jews must not only ‘remove themselves’ from Gentiles, but also ‘speak ill of all their behavior, even of their dress’.

Judaism is imbued with a very deep hatred towards Christianity … In fact, it dates from the time when Christianity was still weak and persecuted (not least by Jews), and it was shared by Jews who had never been persecuted by Christians or who were even helped by them. Thus, Maimonides was subjected to Muslim persecutions by the regime of the Almohads and escaped from them first to the crusaders’ Kingdom of Jerusalem.

According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it; in the Talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned.

The attitude of Judaism towards Islam is, in contrast, relatively mild. Although the stock epithet given to Muhammad is ‘madman’ (‘meshugga’), this was not nearly as offensive as it may sound now, and in any case it pales before the abusive terms applied to Jesus. Similarly, the Qur’an – unlike the New Testament – is not condemned to burning. It is not honored in the same way as Islamic law honors the Jewish sacred scrolls, but is treated as an ordinary book. Most rabbinical authorities agree that Islam is not idolatry (although some leaders of Gush Emunim now choose to ignore this). Therefore the Halakhah decrees that Muslims should not be treated by Jews any worse than ‘ordinary’ Gentiles. But also no better.

The above was taken from chapter 5 of “The Laws against Non-Jews” from Israel Shahak’s book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, which you can find here:

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Why I am not a White Nationalist or a Neo-Nazi

by Vijay Prozak

Numerous people come across various items on this site and come away with the ignorant opinion, “Oh my God, those guys are Nazis – they’re bad.” It’s funny to watch, since their intolerance is both shocking and misguided. They see only what they want to, according to narrow categories artificially defined by their own lock-step dogma, and as a result are much like the conservatives and reactionary racists they claim to despise. Even if your dogma is 100% against something, if your methods and values are the same outside of that, you are what you despise.

While we support nationalism and the Indo-European tribes, the members of this site have nothing to do with neo-Nazi, White nationalist, or White power groups. And this isn’t because of social taboo: we agree with said groups on many things, most fundamentally that Indo-Europeans (“Caucasians”,”Whites”) have the right to establish nations where no other races are welcome as residents. This is nationalism, by its very definition (nation = a people), and in my belief it should be extended to every ethnic group, from Basque to Eskimo.

However, speaking both for myself and other members of this site, that’s where the resemblance ends; “White nationalists” and others who are basically hate groups in disguise piss me off because they’re incorrect in their philosophical assumptions and method. It’s well and good to stand up for your tribe, but don’t expect me to embrace everything that looks White and lump it all together into one ethnic group. That’s insane talk, and when it’s coupled with hatred for other races, you can count me out.

First, I don’t buy into the idea that I should accept someone as a comrade because he or she is “White.” The majority of the “White” race needs nothing better than a bullet in the head; they’re people of substandard intelligence, character and strength, and eliminating them would make each tribe stronger. When you go to a mall and see the fat, slow-moving, greedy, sloppy people who buy products for entertainment and work like slaves at moronic jobs, enforcing that same moronic standard on the rest of us, think of this statement.

That isn’t to say that I “hate” those people; I simply want them removed, for the greater health of all of us. There is no ethnic group that doesn’t benefit from eugenics, as for each weaker person that you eliminate a stronger one takes their place. It isn’t a moral judgment on these people of “bad” or “good,” but a simple recognition of their genetic value relative to other potential people. If, hypothetically, you had 100 places on a spaceship and could have no more, every retarded person, or lazy person, or child molestor, or fat freak you let on would be excluding someone better from having their place.

It’s in everyone’s interest to simply put a bullet in them and move forward with healthier breeding. I don’t trust any government or central bureaucratic agency to do this, so instead I favor smaller tribes who have the ability to exclude anyone they want, without some idiot bureaucrat coming in and crying foul over the person’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, weight, etc. Discrimination is a fact of life, and it should be encouraged. Not every person belongs in every place. In whatever town John F. Kerry finds ideal, for example, I wouldn’t be allowed, nor would I want to live (same goes for many other politicians).

I don’t hate them, but I don’t want to tolerate them. In my local group, “White” or not, no one who is grotesquely fat, dependent on Viagra, prone to idiotic actions, or unable to self amuse would be tolerated. If they didn’t leave, they’d get a hollowpoint to the forehead. On our little spaceship, the 100 places would each go to people of high ability and character. This wouldn’t be some absurd interpretation that only permitted people who looked like celebrity models to exist, but a pragmatic one: find the better people and breed them while quietly ushering the weaker ones to elsewhere. This gives the next generation of children a fighting chance by making them better and stronger than those who came before.

Most “White” people wouldn’t make the cut, for me, and White nationalist/White power types would immediately call me a blasphemer for this. I would not tolerate insane Semitic religions like Christianity, either, nor would I tolerate people from outside of my tribe. Races are the major divisions: Black, White, Asian and various hybrids. The smaller divisions within each race are tribe, such as French, German, Russian, Welsh. Within each race there are castes, but that’s a complex matter for a different essay.

White nationalists tend to believe that if “we just offed all the Jews and muds,” the world would be a perfect place. I don’t. I believe the White tribes have been in decline even before Christianity arrived. Christianity made the situation vastly worse by destroying most records of pre-Christian times, slaughtering those who wouldn’t convert and encouraging people toward blind obedience of central one-size-fits-all issues (these are similar to the moral commands from the Jewish god of Christianity). If you kill all the non-Whites, the White tribes will still be in the same deep doo-doo; that others appear in our midst is a sign of the degeneracy, not its cause.

White power freaks also tend to embrace Christianity alongside a virulent anti-Semitism, which is insane to me. I’m against Semitic religions in Indo-European countries, and Jews by their nature as hybrids originating in the Middle East would not be welcome in our tribes. I support the idea of Israel, however, as in my view each ethnic population should have a state. This isn’t to say that I don’t find Jewish values, and Jewish culture, repugnant. They are passive aggressive parasites with a sick god complex as manifested in Tikkun Olam, their doctrine of “repairing the world,” and to my mind that makes them fit for a mental institution, but outside of Indo-European society standards are different and it’s not my business to police them.

Christianity is the single most destructive religion I can imagine, and despite its origins in Judaism and Buddhism, it is more destructive than either because of its blind supernaturalist and absolute dualism. It literally promises immortality to those who do its bidding. This fits my definition of an insane virus, and barring any reason to believe there’s a god in a perfect world commanding this one in the first place, I would never even consider taking it into my head. This isn’t to say that I’m against gods, because in the ancient sense of Hindu and Pagan gods, the gods were part of this world and were not as much supernatural as they were supermetaphorical.

White power, and “White nationalism,” both resemble religion more than reality. They have little in common with national socialism, which was Adolf Hitler’s attempt to resist (a) rampant communism which did things like turn Russia from a cultured civilization into a third-world country, (b) rampant industrialism which overconsumed land and was polluting Europe, and (c) admixture of Third-World blood into European society, destroying native European ethnic stock. I don’t have any beef with Adolf Hitler, and I believe he has been slandered. Those who died in his concentration camps in Germany died of disease, although those who were outside the country were killed, often by the natives of various countries who understood the Jewish connections to communism. His wars were fought with honor, and all of his killings had purpose, unlike those of the Soviets. However, his modern day disciples understand neither his principles nor sense.

Beating up immigrants, and “hating” entire races, is not only stupid but ineffective. If you want non-native groups out of your natively ethnic society, be strong about it and simply say: We must preserve our ethnic consistency in order to avoid being bred into hybridization, which destroys us. You don’t have to pass moral judgment over these people, something especially dangerous since not every society shares the same values. Cite statistics to me all day about how Black people commit more crime; this is “crime” as defined by Indo-European society, and the same rules don’t apply in other cultures. Let them have their culture, and you can have yours.

Further, “White power” people want to accept all “Whites” as being of the same tribe, which is error. The French are distinct from the Germans and Scotts for historical reasons, and the differences which define them as a tribe are important to preserve in each case. Any “White nationalist” who endorses mixing Indo-European tribes clearly doesn’t understand nationalism, which is the independence and isolation of every ethnic group, not their mixing because of nearby ancestry. I view mixed “White” people as English, and you can find these populations in the majority in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. If these Alpinized Germanocelts wish to create their own ethnicity, they can, by eugenics, eventually define themselves ethnically as well as politically.

I could go on. White nationalists don’t understand caste; they believe in societies without distinction. While I’m no fan of class, which uses the insane doctrine of social Darwinism to rank us by “ability” according to how much money we’re willing to earn, “caste” makes sense to me. Some were born to be warriors, some to be priests, some to be leaders, and some to be cooks. Each job is vital and none is more important than the others. Mixing those together produces people with no specialization who are thus incompetent at any and every job they undertake.

It’s clear to me that in nature, nothing is equal. No tribe is equal to another, no race is equal to another, no individual equal to another. Thus any doctrine of equality, even including Hitler’s casteless society, is insane bureaucracy in my eyes. White nationalists are weenies who want all “White” people to be made equal because of their general ethnic heritage, and accepted for that reason, but to my mind that’s destructive. It’s better to enforce eugenics of even a positive, non-violent kind in all of the “White” populations than it is to embrace everyone, thus breeding weaker people.

I’m no liberal either. I recognize that injustice, murder, war, ethnic hatred and genocide are not just permanent fixtures of our world, but are necessary methods for evolving better human beings. Trying to get rid of these things in order to create a Utopia is an insane practice that will lead us further into illusion and make the name of that Utopia the banner under which we kill, much as occurred during the Crusades. Incoherent minds would have you believe that if we cease certain behaviors, the world will be perfect and everyone will be equal, but to anyone who has spent time in a forest, “perfection” is a misplaced goal as it is the unbalances and inequalities of life that drive the natural system toward greater heights of evolution and efficiency. There is no end, and it is flexible in any situation, thus more perfect than any Utopian order.

I don’t trust the “science ueber alles” types either. Sometimes these blockheads deny that race exists by using artificially narrowed definitions of race, which they argue against sagaciously as if others were actually using said definitions. Often they remark, wittily, that soon we’ll understand genetics and will be able to create perfect beings. My response to this is that we’ll soon be able to create beings that look perfect from their collection of outward traits, but that genetics is literally a history of the decisions made by each bloodline, and science will never be able to fake this. Nature literally is far more complex than we’re going to be, and if we fake it, we once again chase illusion to our doom.

Even more disturbing are the “White supremacists,” whose vision of “Whites” at the top of a mythical food chain is a sleight of hand redefinition of stewardship. I don’t want any group with which I’m associated to be worldwide bureaucratic administrators; I want us to have our own society, and our own culture and customs, independent of Christianity, centralization, bureaucracy, morality and other fabrications of a modern kind. While I recognize that there’s an evolutionary chain, by which some groups adapted to more complex survival parameters than others and thus developed more general intelligence, strength and character, it isn’t my concern to pass this on to the rest of the world or to, like Jesus Christ, hold it up as an example for others.

Sounding a bit like a cheesy liberal here, I like diversity. I like that you can go to another country and have it be completely friggin’ different in every way possible, even down to genetics. Go to Bosnia and there’s a certain look, behavior and feel to the people; go to Nigeria, and it’s another. That’s true diversity. No culture survives interbreeding, because the genetic histories of the newcomers and the natives are merged, resulting in a chaos which settles on the lowest common denominator. This is why mixed societies inevitably turn into trading centers and mercantile republics.

It’s worth adding here that I’m proud to have friends with other races and, while I will never breed with them or assimilate or be assimilated by their culture, I don’t “hate” them or their races. The mixing of races I might “hate,” were I prone to emotional outbursts, but I don’t hate them. That they are here, and that our society is collapsing, are symptoms of the same cause: Modernity, and its bureaucratic attitudes. They have as much to lose as we do. Thus I refuse to indulge in mindless bigotry against them when I care about them, and view them as allies for the eventual quest of nationalism to overtake the world.

I don’t like democracy. I don’t believe everyone has equal aptitude for the kind of decisions required to run a nation or even a town, and thus I believe most voices should be silenced on those issues. Every person has some area where their judgment alone is supreme, and only reality judges whether they succeed or fail (for some, such as bomb defusers, the judgment is swift and absolute). I don’t believe all “Whites” should somehow be lauded just for having a certain amount of heritage; that’s democracy. If we breed the best of each white tribe and throw out the rest, we increase the aptitude of those who remain.

People act like politics is rocket science, and that it’s a raison d’etre for their individual lives as “activists” or “compassionate, forward-thinking people,” but really that’s a hoax. Politics has never changed. The crowd always wants power, and with that power, they’ll destroy any who rise above the lowest common denominator. Each people (nation) needs its own place, because without it, their unique culture and contribution to learning is lost. I would grant each its own space, and send the mixed race people to the Middle East, as traditionally has occurred. There, they will produce their own society, one that will undoubtedly resemble Judaism, itself a product of cultural and racial and caste-mixing.

Clearly I’m a fascist. I’ve spent enough time on this world to realize that most people will, without meaning ill, do what is selfish unless coerced otherwise. Whether by money, or the barrel of a gun, their will shall be denied in certain areas; and what of it? The reality is that life isn’t found in having the ability to live anywhere you want, or in having the biggest pickup truck on the block, or in being able to watch gay porn and smoke crack cocaine all night. It’s in finding your own character and developing it to the fullest, so that you are a hero in your own life, no matter what that may be.

This concept applies to all people and all races, and while I agree with White nationalists that the Indo-European race is under assault and will soon be bred out of existence by hordes of invading immigrants, I see this problem as a symptom of general degeneracy in modern society. We’ve come to trust our technology and believe that newer is better, and to follow centralized commands instead of our internal voices, and we’re products of bureaucratic, cosmopolitan living who are steadily lapsing in the ability to have independent thought. On this front, Malcolm X and Adolf Hitler, Rabbi Meir Kahane and Cesar Chavez, Moses and Chuck D are all in agreement.

So if you’re looking for a witch hunt, which is what the crusade against “racism” is, take your little hateful plans and bail out. I recognize you for the broken, low-self-esteem cowards that you are, and I don’t see you as any “better” than the neo-Nazis you despise. If you’ve ever joined an antifa group, you did it because you want to consider yourself better than other people because you believe in something that raises your self-esteem by making you feel like you’re gifting the world with tolerance. Forget it. You’re crazy and I’d have you shot.

“Racism” only exists in mixed societies. It exists where groups side by side must compete, and therefore learn to detest one another. Unfortunately for White nationalists, most of them have discovered “racism” and not true nationalism, and therefore are total failures, since they descend into hatred, name-calling, cowardice and bigotry without any hope of achieving their aims. I and most other sane people want nothing to do with you losers because unlike you, we’re not caught up in our low self-esteem like some broken antifa liberal, but we believe in a positive future for a humanity that overcomes modernity.

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Internet Censorship Now Absolutely Rampant

by Jim Stone

I know what the new data center in Utah is for – it is not about collecting information, it is about censorship of blogs and forums. The quality of the forums around the web, including places like Beforeitsnews, has taken a massive nose dive since the Utah data center opened and now it is very difficult to use them to get new information that is being censored in the MSM. On top of that, when I try to post articles to Beforeitsnews, they no longer go up. Beforeitsnews likes this web site, and I know it is not anything they are doing. Take a look at what Beforeitsnews has to say about this topic – this was posted on May 28:

Why are large Internet security companies such as McAfee blocking stories on Beforeitsnews and labeling them as ‘malware’? Beforeitsnews has been made aware several times by a number of different people that our most ‘sensitive’ articles are being blocked on an increasing basis, by Internet security firms as well as some of the biggest social networks in the world, namely Facebook. What is it about stories on Beforeitsnews do they not want getting out to the world? Facebook also was censoring posts critical of Monsanto and GMO crops featuring children in pictures! A very popular YouTube channel, DutchSinse, was also recently censored by Facebook.

A Beforeitsnews reader recently wrote us:

Hello, I wrote earlier that my McAfee was blocking your articles when I went on the links. I have more info regarding this on my end-someone going to your links. I tested the topic and my McAfee only pops up and blocks hot topics – anything related to the government, current issues and the present administration i.e. UN21 article in this email and all of the topics related to death of seal team in Va exercise. There is evidently a marker of some type that is tagging your most sensitive articles, so those pulling up the articles on our end are being blocked by our security.

And that’s not all. Even on my own forum, people are noticing that a lot of what they post cannot be seen. Farganne did a big writeup about the Holonet, where he could see what he was sending to Facebook pages from his own IP, but when he changed IPs, the Facebook content he put up was censored and did not show at all. Other popular forums are now totally devoid of decent content and instead talk mostly about cats, squirrels and other stupid stuff, and when you do see any posts about events, they are poorly written and narrow in scope.

Something is severely amiss, and I think I know what it is. In addition to the McCaffe malware called a virus scanner that operates as a censorship weapon, it is claimed that the computer in the NSA data center is a new type of quantum computer that can process and think about all communications in the entire world, and apply the intellect of a very intelligent person to every comment on every blog, forum, and alternative news outlet. I believe that if it can kill a comment after applying very intelligent thought to it – if the comment does not “qualify” because it covers a scam or black op, it is never allowed to be visible to anyone other than the writer, and that is if it is even allowed to go up. Like I said earlier, I cannot get anything to post to Beforeitsnews and I am not censored there, the management has contacted me and said they like what I put up. But now, no matter what I try it gets censored as if it was never done at all.

And it is not just me, it’s the entire world. All good posts are getting censored.

I believe the data center in Utah is responsible. And if such a computer really is now in place to do the job hired goons cannot – crush the entire world’s intellectual opposition to tyranny – then there is only one option for the future of mankind, and that is destruction of all the Internet cabling in Utah that connects that damn data center to the world, and a revolt resulting in the capture and imprisonment of all the people who work there. If this or something as effective is not accomplished – if that data center is not shut down, it will be the end of us, because with true free speech once again crushed, it will only be a matter of time before we all slip away into darkness and ignorance under the heel of a totally Zionist [Jewish] controlled information grid.

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Substance vs. Style

by John Kaminski

Sometimes, in our fear, we make judgments that are incorrect.

Sometimes, in our frustration, we lash out at the very people who are trying to help us, misperceiving their style, or the language they use, for their substance.

And sometimes, when we realize the odds we’re up against, we plummet into a confusing state of cognitive dissonance, not knowing who to trust because the information we have gathered is inconsistent, and just doesn’t seem to add up.

Such a situation has arisen in the recent revelation that Brother Nathanael Kapner, one of the foremost critics on the Worldwide Web of everything Jewish, has a curious history of posing as an orthodox monk and being kicked out of several monasteries for his decidedly unorthodox behavior.

When discovered and published, these allegations raised the explosive ire of Joe Cortina, a principled military veteran almost as well known as Kapner over the years for his forthright opposition to the worldwide horror known as Jewish behavior.

The links casting Kapner as a fraud with mental problems were cobbled together by Lindsey Tackett, a lesser known player on the same team as Kapner, Cortina and myself. Tackett is perhaps best known for his audio recording of the complete Protocols of Zion, which, at more than three hours long, very few have listened to.

A 2002 Boston Globe story cast Kapner as a cantankerous homeless man who became a thorn in the side of a local synagogue.

Blogger John Sanidopoulos described the Internet personality now known as Brother Nathanael as having been kicked out of monasteries for disruptive behavior, and having been formally disowned by the head of the Orthodox church in America.

And an Internet outfit called the Ripoff Report maintains that a person who once knew Kapner said he was bipolar and had lost contact with his family.

However (and this is a big however), when you look at Kapner’s website it contains a veritable cornucopia of stories that is one of the best repositories of anti-Jewish material and insight on the entire web.

This is not the output of a crazy man; it is the incredibly perceptive compilation of a man who knows the insane practices of the Jews from the inside, and wretches at their antihuman behavior, from the killing of children and harvesting of their organs to the sexual abuse of their own children and the forbidding of informing law enforcement about the ritualized crimes they are committing.

This realization leads to the precipice of cognitive dissonance. Is Brother Nathanael being defamed to neutralize and delegitimize his legitimate criticism of Judaic insanity? Or is he the one who’s insane, and all the Jews are really a bunch of good guys being defamed by a malcontent?

Hundreds of videos and stories, from “How Lieberman Stole Our Freedoms” to “America is Run by Jews”, attest to the authenticity of Kapner’s perceptions. That his outlandish priestly garb and often manic mannerisms, in the minds of some, tend to undermine the validity of his message takes nothing away from the insightful realism of his reports. What he says the Jews are doing to the world is spot on.

Ditto Cortina. A former Green Beret who has witnessed the unexplainable (in human terms) behavior of Israelis in their continuing genocide of every Arab they can get their bloody hands on, Cortina repels some (including sometimes me) with his primitive Bible thumping, but at the end of the day, there is no person on this Earth with a more fervent desire to see that these Jewish murderers get what they deserve.

So when he gets upset, I pay attention. Even as I can reject his brittle religiosity and his belief in credulous fairytales, there has never been any doubt in my mind that we are on the same side when it comes to seeking justice for the oppressed or punishing those who have enslaved us, if we can ever get out from under their manipulative thumb.

Which leads us to the ever-present problem of trying to form a coherent alliance against the Jewish murder scheme being prevented from uniting by all these people who insist their own particular religious idiosyncrasies are more important to protect and promote than recognizing that the whole world needs to put aside all those minor points of theological folderol and unite against the major threat to the continuance of all natural life on this planet, which is Jewish perfidy.

This is not happening. And if it doesn’t happen, we’re all doomed (we being all the non Jews of the world), because it is the stated intention of the Jews to kill everyone whom they cannot use as slaves.

Catholics are advised by their “infallible” leader that the Jews are their “elder brothers”, while the Jews in specious secrecy snicker that the Son of God is hanging upside for eternity in a pit of excrement.

Muslims act nice until they become the majority, and when they do, no white woman is safe, and neither is any white civilization. A majority of Muslims does not realize that their beloved Muslim Brotherhood is actually run by Jews in London.

Some brands of Protestants genuflect to their homosexual ministers and preach the Jewish concept of diversity while their towns disintegrate into a landfill of crack dealers, rampant cops and empty factories. Other evangelical Protestants, misled by the Jewish version of Christianity known as the Scofield bible, attend massive rallies trumpeting the twisted idea that the nation of Israel is more important than the divine personality on which their religion is supposedly based.

Both Christians and Muslims fight each other’s brothers to death over which version of their holy history is correct. In my opinion, that’s just the way the Jews set the whole thing up wanted it, to keep brothers fighting each other so no one will notice who’s stealing all the money.

So Brother Nathanael garners all this attention for the wrong reason. So he had a hard time most of his life, pointing out the flaws in hypocritical religions that their organizers had no interest is correcting, before he finally found his niche revealing the inside story of the most evil religion of all.

The writers we should all being going after are the ones who pretend to be responsible and respectable, but don’t ever mention the real driving force behind all the crimes that are later blamed on the governments that have been totally infiltrated by the greatest evil force the world has ever known, the Jews.

Veteran writer Dick Eastman pointed out a great example of it the other day when he dissected Jewish writer Steven Lendman’s story about how China and Russia are preparing for war with the United States.

While Lendman waxed poetic about how the U.S. is behind all this worldwide turmoil, Eastman pointed out that it is International Finance that triggers all these bloody maneuvers, and International Finance means the Jews, something Lendman never, ever mentions.

And that is the case with the vast majority of political commentators, in both mainstream media and on the web, who act as if Barack Obama actually thinks for himself and is not following the directives of those Jewish moneymen who put him in power, which more people nowadays realize was really for the purpose of engineering the destruction of the United States and the profit of Jewish interests.

It is also the case with popular Internet news sites such as Alex Jones, Information Clearing House, Citizens for Legitimate Government, Intel Hub, Before It’s News, Activist Post and many others who dazzle their readers with intricate investigations of U.S. government criminality without ever once tracing the blame to where it rightly belongs, to the Jewish puppet masters who are running our reality, and us with it, right into the ground.

The reason for this deception is clear, just as it is with mainstream media — because all of these sites are owned and/or run by Jews, which is why they never mention the true architects of the programs, crimes and atrocities that are all aimed at the destruction of the United States, and the world as we know it.

None of them ever mention the Jewish puppet masters operating the fake Americans who everybody believes are running these sadistic schemes.

Which is something no one could ever accuse Brother Nathanael or Joe Cortina of doing.

My own policy is that I never believe any fact emanating from either a Jewish writer or a Jewish news source. Three thousand years of Jewish history convinced me that this was the wisest course.

I first realized this way the only way to go in about 2004, when I had convinced myself that every aspect of the 9/11 tragedy — the planning, the execution and the coverup — was entirely controlled by Jews, and then covered up by Jewish-controlled media and Jewish-owned politicians.

The endless succession of needless wars that has followed were wholly the work of Jewish interests, and the reporting on them was wholly twisted by Jewish media.

So when I encounter someone now who insists there are Jews in the world who are fighting for the light against the darkness, I tell them, I have never met a Jew who is utterly forthright about the Jewish fraud we have been deceived into believing is the history of World War II, or the reason for the Kol Nidre oath allowing Jews to lie about everything, or the reason why the Talmud orders death for any non Jew who dares to read it.

But I’m old enough and reasonable enough to know that people can overcome their own brainwashing, and even overcome their own bad histories, see the light, and act productively, if not compassionately. So I applaud Brother Nathanael for overcoming his chaotic disruptiveness and creating for himself a useful legacy of truthfulness.

I’ve always wondered, even though I know better now, why there was never a movement among Jews to reveal the horrid practices of Judaism and try to rejoin the human race.

Still, in my more hopeful moments, and in my futile search for a good Jew, if I had to choose a Jew to trust about the inner workings of the demonic disciplines of Judaism, Brother Nathanael Kapner would be a good choice, because the things he has written about Jews are true.

Personally I’d like to see more investigations of the writers who deliberately don’t write about Jews, rather than about the ones who do.

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