As Above, So Below: The Jews Will Kill All the Nations

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One of the Jews’ favorite passages in the Old Testament is Jeremiah 30:11

“For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to save thee: though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.”

In the New American Standard Bible version, this passage is translated as:

“‘For I am with you,’ declares the LORD, ‘to save you; For I will destroy completely all the nations where I have scattered you, Only I will not destroy you completely But I will chasten you justly And will by no means leave you unpunished.’.”

The Jewish god, the Devil, clearly states in the Old Testament that he is going to kill off the human race and leave only Jews alive. This is precisely how the Jews interpret this passage.

Judaism is an ugly religion. The Old Testament is completely devoid of spirituality or any sophisticated Metaphysics. It is instead a set of laws, prophecies, and a fabricated history which the Jews created around 500 BC so that they could petition the King of the Persians to give them back their religious lands which they never in fact owned.

As such, the Jews created a work which plagiarizes the history and laws of the Egyptian gods and of the Babylonians, without even attempting to answer such questions as what is the human soul or what is the meaning of life.

Instead, the Jew is taught to obey a rigid and racist absolute set of laws, which instruct the Jews to genocide the Palestinians, steal their land, and to conquer and genocide the human race. Later Jews attempted to fill this complete spiritual void left by the OT with Christianity and with the Talmud. Later came the Cabalah. However, while still in Jewish hands, these works are childish and mundane, far less sophisticated than the works of their contemporaries and predecessors. The Talmud and Cabalah continue the hatred, racism and genocidal intent of the OT.

“As Above, So Below” is the occultists’ mantra, and the Jews are, and have always been, occultists. The Star of David is made up of a triangle pointing upwards and a triangle pointing downwards. The Freemasons compass and square is a thinly veiled disguise for the Star of David, and both indicate, “As Above, So Below”.

The Jews believe that there are seventy gods who watch over the Goyim, the nations. The seventy angels, or princes of the Gentiles are overseen by Sammael, Satan. The Jews sacrifice a goat every year, known as the “scapegoat”, to Sammael so that he will convey all of the sins of the Jews onto the Goyim and mediate for the Jews with god. Sammael sells out the Goyim he is bound to protect for a mere goat and the Goyim are thereby blamed for all the crimes of the Jews. We can see how the Jews also scapegoat the Goyim for their Jewish crimes here on Earth. As Above, So Below.

The Jews believe that by controlling the human opposition to Jewry, by employing corrupted and crypto-Jewish leadership to mislead the Goyim, they can provoke wars between the 70/71 nations of non-Jews and kill them off. The Jews believe that by doing this, they can effect the heavenly battle between the 70 gods of the Goyim, the Elohim, and Sammael, against the Jewish god, the Devil.

I am risking my life telling you all of this, because the Jews believe that if these facts are known to the Goyim, the Goyim will exterminate the Jews,

“And if the Nations [the Goyim] should know, that through this Goat the Sins of Israel came upon their Necks, they would (which God forbid) not suffer an Israelite to live, not a single Day.”

When the Jews lie to you and state that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, and that it is political, not religious, know that politics is religion for the Jews. Their religion has no real spiritualism. The Jews believe that the goings on in the political World are mirrored by the heavenly World, and that the battles they provoke between Goy nations provokes the Goy gods to destroy one another, and thereby leave the Gentiles without supernatural protection. Politics on Earth is politics in Heaven for the Jew. The Jew associates Sammael with Esau, Amalek, Haman and Edom, and therefore, Blacks and/or Christendom are the primary targets for Jewish bloodlust, witness the slave trade and the genocides of Christian Armenians and Slavs.

Remember that as Zionism conquered the Palestinians on Earth, the Jews believe a like battle was and is being fought in Heaven. As Above, So Below. Never forget that the Jews want to kill these angels, and with them mankind, and openly state this fact in the genocidal Old Testament in Jeremiah 30:11, which is repeatedly cited in the later literature as justification for the Jewish call to kill all non-Jews. The Jews’ spiritualism is politics, in particular the politics of war, genocide and usury. The Jews believe that they are god, the Jewish Devil, As Above, So Below, the Devil in the Jewish heavens and the Jews on Earth are mirror images of one another in Jewish beliefs. The flag of the Nation of Israel bears this mystical belief, which calls for the complete extermination of all non-Jewish nations, all non-Jewish peoples, all non-Jews. The flag of the Jews is an open declaration of war on the human race.

The Jews believe “As Above, So Below”. We had better adopt the slogan, “Us or Them”.

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