A Farewell and Response to J3133

From: http://j3133.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/join-up-or-give-up/

It appears that you are no longer going to be posting on your blog.

I agree with most of your assertions. I have also taken a bow out of this conspiracy realm, which is filled with sayanim infiltrators, psychos, Christian Identity religious nuts, and charlatans that have infiltrated by blog since my absence and drained me of my mental energy. The gold to garbage ratio was too low, so the comments have been disabled. I now understand why people like Kevin MacDonald disable comments on their website; it totally detracts from the content that is posted, and these sensitive topics result in comment sections that are heavily polluted by the aforementioned groups.

You say most people are of a very low quality and I agree with you, even though I would not go as far and call myself an Übermensch. A person is smart, people are dumb, no? I must admit, as I started reading a lot of the Talmud, I started to think somewhat like a Jew and shared the Jews’ hatred of gentiles and humanity as a whole, possibly because I am of Ashkenazic/Dönme and German ancestry. I do not look Jewish by the way, but my grandparents, aunties, and some of my cousins look Ashkenazic. And let’s face it, we can holler until the cows come home about how much Jews are assholes to others based on their behavior, but they do not fuck over their own. That is something to be revered, and no amount of Bible and Talmud quoting will cover the fact that this ideology works for success in the world, as bad as it is. My own shitty Dönme family have embezzled and stolen tens of thousands of dollars from my father. I doubt a real, tight-knit, Orthodox Jewish family would do that to one another. Their thinking process is: We are special; we are the Chosen Ones. We do not do that shit to one another, we do that to people that are lesser than us. And that is fine. Try explaining that logic to a devout, Gospel thumping Christian.

I observe, from a distance, the toilet culture we have in the West, and I see gentiles basking in its shittyness; they love it, they eat it up! Well, fuck them and the simpleton “friends” I knew. Before I really got knee deep into this whole excursion, I had an extremely positive outlook on the future, the world’s potential, and the belief that I could make a positive impact on the world. Not so much now.

As a result of discovering many of the inconvenient truths, I’ve changed my outlook on life and learned a lot about myself in the process. Sorry to say this, but I’ve lost my faith in humanity.

I have also been lurking around the popular MGTOW and MRM websites for the last while, and now I am full-leveled MGTOW. Now, I am chaste, and ghosting in society a la John Galt from Atlas Shrugged.

We seem to have had a similar path in life, with both of us coming to very similar realizations. I don’t befriend people easily, but I think you are some one who could be a great person to discuss philosophy and history with.

I also read your comments about Reddit and censorship. Turns out one of my accounts got banned from the conspiratard subreddit. I firmly believe that Reddit is part of the censorship matrix as well. I do not even know if the people I have interacted with on Reddit are bots or shills, now that one of my accounts was shadowbanned. I guess it is a shock to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. Same for Facebook, obviously, but I think the level of censorship is even worse there.

Which brings me to my last main point, that trying to make up the “masses” is a futile effort. And you have written extensively on this subject, so any succinct statements I add to that would just be redundant. I think we just have to come to accept that the world is shitty, will always be shitty, and find our own niche out there. You said you will not have kids until the world is a place you envisioned, a place of beauty, and neither will I.

Also, I came to realization that the Internet will never be a platform for enacting social and political change. That is because the cabal, the upper triangle, controls it and owns it. I even predict that net-neutrality will completely disappear sometime in the future, and you can say bye-bye to a blog like this. People like you, Zander C. Fuerza, or any other person with a blog or website that is trying to be influential in social and political matters will be squashed like a bug before you get your wheels rolling. That is why I look at what I do as a hobby. Another thing that bugs me is that it appears that this blog is compromised, I come back after a couple days and I see some spelling and formatting errors that were not previously there. It could be my browser, but I doubt it.

I think we need to set realistic goals for ourselves. Out of the twenty thousand visitors to this site, even if only ten percent saw things in a different light and it enhanced their life, then my work is done. You, like I am, to a certain a degree, are a visionary with an unrelenting passion to do what you do. That is something special, I think. It is too easy to fall into a Cartesian rut and question the authenticity of all the information we read on the Internet, and a lot of the times I do, but I also trust my instincts. We do not have access to first hand information, no field reports, and must make many conclusions based on inductive reasoning. I also am very weary of anything out there pertaining to esoteric knowledge and gnostics, specifically.

After all, we are “small people” and do not have much influence in the grand scheme of things, and you are right when you say that the world is spearheaded by elite Jewry doing bad things to lesser Jews. That statement did not sit right with me when I first heard it, but I know it is true. I know a Turkish Jew that is a Shriner/Freemason being groomed to be a master Mason, but that’s as close to the “Illuminati” as I get, and I would not dare even ask him about what he does and learns at the lodge.

And besides, my family is alright financially and I think we will do okay. Like you said, you got to be in the Jewish mindset and view this as all a game, and you need to do what you need to do.

Take care.

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