The Perspective of Men Who Go Their Own Way

by a8879

My awakening

When I was around eleven years old, I had an epiphany that it did not make sense to have children. Perhaps it made sense in a pre-industrial society, but not in this current time. I was an anti-natalist before I even knew what that the concept was. I thought that it did not make sense to waste a huge chunk of your earnings just so you can kick your kid out at eighteen, cast them off looking for a McJob, and see nothing come to fruition from your investment. Children, ultimately, are a liability, a money sink. Sure, your child could become a professional sports star or a Hollywood celebrity and make you rich too, but let us be realistic, the chances of that happening are so low that it is simply better to discard the notion completely. I will not take the risk that my potential child could end up at a shitty job as a wage slave and addicted to drugs, which seems all too common lately. Most of the people I come into contact with are stupid automatons, filthy in body (sexually transmitted diseases, tattoos, body modifications) and mind (liberal ideology) who, quite frankly, make me sick of the disgusting resemblance of a society we have today. Because of this reality, I will starve the beast of any future labor my potential children could have provided to the system.

The “New” World Order and men going their own way

Men who go their own way are, in my opinion, at the forefront in the ideological and spiritual battle against the so-called New World Order. However, I do not like the term New World Order because the term makes it seem like it is a new development; in fact, it has already existed for a long, long time. It has existed as soon as humans were freed from doing subsistence farming so that people could produce goods and pay taxes to government. I have talked to grown, old men that think they can do something about the current, established order, which is what I call it, but I laugh because they have a wife, a couple of kids, a car loan, and a mortgage. In actuality, they are the embodiment of the current order.

If you have a wife, you are a slave to your wife’s demands. If you have a couple of kids, you are a slave for at least eighteen years of your life, plus more if they want to go to university/college. You can also say goodbye to at least half a million of your hard earned cash that you will spend on your kids throughout their development. With a mortgage, you are enriching and enslaved by bankers, paying more for the house than it is worth by accruing interest, which is just another avenue by which you are robbed as a man; the same situation for the car. If you cannot readily walk away from anything in your life in thirty seconds flat, you are a slave.

But if you avoid marriage, children, and save for the future, you can come out on top. I have seen it with my own eyes. I personally know a man who goes his own way with over a million dollars in his bank account, a payed off house, car, and who was retired by his early forties. He never went to post-secondary, either, and worked a blue-collar job his whole life. He lives an amazing, stress free life. When I was in my late adolescence, he told me to never get married. Many other men that took the plunge and did the whole marriage and kids thing told me to never get married. I listened and observed, and my gut instincts from my early childhood cemented my worldview today.

Marriage and children are a scam

One cannot deny that the institute of marriage and the nuclear family are being dismantled by the powers that be. There are so many risks associated with marriage today that only men that are really gullible would even consider it. This is by design, they do not want strong families with supportive fathers creating healthy, adjusted children. There are also huge financial risks for men concerning the issues of common law, co-habitation, no-fault divorce, alimony, and child support. And the reality is that it is in a woman’s interest to extract wealth from lovers, boyfriends, and husbands because there is huge incentive to do so and the state almost always favors the woman in court disputes. So why should men of good character even get involved with women, yet alone even think about having children? If the powers that be are fostering a hostile environment and creating roadblocks for healthy families, why should men even bother with social and biological imperatives? Self-destruction is the only rational choice when faced with a world of insanity.

One of the reasons our world is insane is due to feminism being ingrained in Western society, women are free to indulge in as much premarital sex as they wish. Today, Western society is so liberal that we even shame the “slut shamers” and hold disgusting events called “slutwalks” where the masses gather around a parade and show their support for unpaid prostitutes.

The reality is that no one wants to marry a slut; however, our society is full of contradictory messages. Our feminist society tells women that they should get an education, pursue a career, and that the a marriage is inherently demeaning. So women go throughout their late teens, twenties, and early thirties having sex with as many men as they wish. Only when a woman’s glory days are soon about to end do they start to think about needing a provider because as their looks start to fade, they realize that they do not have much else to offer the world.

Knowing this, I firmly believe that “beta” men who are largely unsuccessful and frustrated with women should not get married because they attract the types of women that do not love them, they attract women that only love them because they provide for them and give them the material things they need at a time when their sexual value is in steep decline. These women who choose “betas” in their final opportunities for marriage and children choose them as their fifth or sixth option because the “alpha” men they have been sleeping with are in short supply and have always been. If I were totally invisible to women during my late teens and twenties, and women were sleeping with hundreds of “alpha” guys during this time, I would want nothing to do with those women by the time they were in their thirties. This is precisely why marriage is a scam. The institute of marriage’s purpose is to guarantee each man a wife; however, without monogamy enforced by the state, the natural order would be an “alpha” man with a harem of women and a “beta” man without any women. The state enforces monogamy because it needs women to extract wealth from men so that each woman in a marriage can benefit in the form of an increased standard of living, which women would otherwise not be able to enjoy in an “alpha” man’s harem, while being concurrently motivated to collect more tax on a man’s income because of the increase in economic productivity associated with the union of marriage and the creation of a nuclear family.

The scam of marriage goes deeper than that, our ideas about marriage and love have been warped by Hollywood and popular culture. Hollywood and the powers that be have been brainwashing us with regards to romantic love or, at least, our understanding of it as a society.

In traditional societies, marriage is a purely rational and economic decision that is either arranged by two families that know each other, or it is given the green light by both sides of each other’s family because of marriage not being seen a choice to be made between two individuals occurring in a social vacuum. In the present day, I believe that women idealize romantic love in the context of flings and non-serious relationships, which has been a result of the development of feminism because it has subsequently allowed women more social mobility in the public sphere to pursue these types of aforementioned relationships. However, romantic love stops being relevant in the context of looking for a mate for marriage, and I believe that economic security takes precedence before all factors in deciding a mate. Only when a woman has found a couple suitors with very similar economic prospects would a woman then choose the man who she is most sexually compatible with, then the man who has the best looks, and so on, in a ranking of requirements much in the same way as Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

I also do not believe in the statement: “All women are like that,” because I do not think it is right to generalize people with categorical statements; I have not met every woman on this planet today. But the truth is that a great, great majority of women are ruthless, shallow, and hypergamic. When a man is struggling to feed, clothe, and provide shelter to his wife, I have a hard time believing love will save a marriage. Of course this is an extreme example because women often have demands far exceeding the basic necessities, and with women competing with men in the economic sphere, women are therefore seen as equal to men because of the skills they possess in a de-instrustrialized service economy, so how is a man supposed to impress a woman when women make almost the same amount of money as men? When men make as much as women, how can women marry up?

And because the prospect of marriage looks so grim and bleak, regardless of my previous feelings towards having children, I have decided unequivocally that I do not want kids. So I have logically concluded that becoming chaste is the best course of action in order to mitigate the aforementioned risks. This step is very hard for men because they are driven by hormonal and biological urges to reproduce. Today, these biological facts are even harder to resist as the hypersexualization of men is conveyed through mainstream pornography, which is produced to highlight and augment the primal desires of men and keep them in a lower state of consciousness.

However, I am not so naïve to think that all men can go all out Shaolin monk, quite the contrary. I realize it takes a certain caliber of man to give up intimate relations with women, and it takes a man with a low libido and a certain amount of intelligence to overcome biology. In fact, some of the greatest men to ever live rejected women, such as: Arthur Schopenhauer and Sir Isaac Newton, to just give a few examples. To those men who cannot abstain from women, I recommend the article: The Sixteen Commandments of Poon.

Western society is garbage

Due to my worldview, I come to view Western society and proletariat culture in terms of cultural Marxism. Western society for the masses consists of a disgusting, degenerate, animal culture. This is, again, by design. The powers that be design proletariat culture to just be barely functionable, and the way society is set up encourages and celebrates stupidity. It is in the powers that be’s interest to not have masses that are intellectual enlightened. The mainstream that the masses follow holds ideologies that are false, and objective truth is not attainable by conventional means or at all.

Because Western society celebrates stupidity, it therefore makes sense that the people having the most children are mostly the bottom of the rung or low-class; I like to call these individuals breeders.

A reoccurring theme in our degenerate culture is that of the single mother. This problem is endemic of Western society and signals a greater societal dysfunction. The process of becoming a single mother is cyclical as most come from already broken homes themselves. Their indiscriminate and risky sexual endeavors eventually catch up with them, and in the final culmination of these events, the woman ends up alone with an irresponsible alpha douche bag’s child. It is also common for the woman to not know who the father is, which is indicative of the woman being licentious.

Western society supports a laissez-faire attitude with regards to these aforementioned behaviors, but these issues affect society as a whole because we pay taxes for these irresponsible and stupid mothers who are living off the nanny state’s tit. Like it or not, you are subsidizing women’s shitty behaviors in order to act like harlots, use men as sperm donors, and steal their labor in the form of child support, all thanks to feminist doctrine allowing them to do so. Single mothers and breeders are churning out the next generation of maladjusted children that will be destined to work at McDonalds, or worse. Children raised on a television that will never have a thought of their own. Classless, mindless, fornicating thugs that repeat the cycle over again like water swishing in a toilet bowl.

Sadly, to me, anyways, I view these people as stupid dupes that are raising the next generation to just be exploited in the workplace, directly into the wood chipper, and possibly forging, at the same time, a path of sadness and despair for your potential child. I say this because I can see when a parent’s child does not have a good foundation that would be conducive to achieve success in this world. I view the project of the child as a futile attempt consisting of hard work for nothing in return, a project in which you cannot even expect that your child will take care of you in your old age, which is the primary reason couples had children in traditional, agrarian societies.

I will blow my brains out before I develop Alzheimer’s, then shortly after get shipped off to a retirement home and become forgotten about, sit alone in a medically induced stupor numb to the world, where some Filipino lady changes my soiled diaper due to my inability to properly function as a human being. I am sorry, folks, but that is not my definition of a dignified life or even a life worth living.

Today, if you are working or middle-class, it simply does not make financial sense to have kids. Period. I recommend this short podcast by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio who puts all the ideas I’ve highlighted much more succinctly with his discussion aptly named: Why Men Don’t Want to Have Kids.

On a different note, perhaps we need those breeders who will create the next generation of proles that will need to scrub our toilets and serve us our fast food. But not me. I owe society nothing and neither should you. The commonly held ideas of having kids in order to fulfill one’s legacy while concurrently fulfilling one’s obligation to society is passé and, quite frankly, narcissistic. I will not bust my ass for a child because I want to guarantee my own wellbeing, and while not having a child is not a surefire way to having a happy, successful life, it is always the safer option.

I think one the main obstacles of adopting the mindset that I have set forth is the acceptance of the notion we live in a world of greed, corruption, and exploitation, not a world of daisies and daffodils. This is a realization that we must all face and accept. The best course of action for men who wish to go their own way is to not play the game.

My message to not play the game manifests itself in the form of focusing on the individual on the micro-level without regard to the greater society because I believe that grand scale change to better society in any way, shape, or form is not possible. The only person whose thoughts and actions you can control is yourself, and you will have to use your own logic and reasoning to discern the wheat from the chaff and enact change in your own life. My solution is anti-social, but not asocial and bordering on the ideology of ethical egoism, but, then again, Western society is based on that, so why not harness that perspective in order to help yourself? The only thing definite in your life is the fact that you exist right here in the present, and the only thing that you should worry about is how you are going to guarantee that you are going to have a comfortable life with as little pain and hardship as possible. In other words, you need to save yourself at all costs. You should not concern yourself with what you think is your moral responsibility to society because that is being a follower, not a leader. I care about you right now as you are. What are you going to do?

Men going their own way do not comprise a movement, it is an individual act of defiance against the system in the form of a lifestyle and mindset

Men going their own way are getting a lot of flack from mainstream society due to misunderstanding the concept and what it actually stands for. In actuality, men going their own way are not an organized group, they are all more or less doing the same thing by living on the fringe of society by rejecting mainstream culture and ideals. Men going their own way reject the notion that a man’s worth is solely based on his ability to get women, whereas mainstream society views these men who are opting out of marriage and children as losers, but, upon further examination, we can see that this is just a shaming tactic. Men going their own way are shamed due to the tyranny of the majority in our society that are going along with the “program,” so to speak. In other words, it is just society’s confirmation bias of people who have bought into our fraudulent system called Western society. Simply put, it all boils down to social conditioning and repeating the same cultural memes over and over.

The men who went their own way of past’s progeny are not here because they mostly did not reproduce, and their genetics have permanently checked out of the world. Look around you, the people you see are descendants of people who have all reproduced; I hope that is not a shocking revelation. It is only logical that men who go their own way will be ostracized from the dominant majority. The question you will have to ask yourself is this: will I break the cycle of life or go with status-quo and follow the social script that was given to me?

At the end of the day, I wonder if the majority of people in mainstream society practice introspection with regards to these issues, or are the masses so hive-minded that they just need to have what apparently everyone else wants without questioning anything at all.

I must admit that I am guilty of falling into the trap of mainstream ideas without thinking for myself. When I was a young adult, I used to emotionally beat myself simply because I had not been able to land a girlfriend after a couple of years. I thought that I was an incomplete non-person and not living up to my full psychological potential because I was not having regular intimate sessions with women, and I thought that my ability to achieve a high level of quality of life and happiness was hindered by an absence of women in my life. Because of all these prevalent ideas in my head, I had thought that I was a lower-functioning being because of it. I felt terrible for a long time.

As I thought about these issues deeply, I realized that these ideas I had about relationships and happiness were not my own and that these ideas simply did not match up to reality. The epiphany I had was like weight lifting off my shoulders, and not worrying about getting laid constantly was really enlightening. I also realized that our hypersexualization of Western culture and allure of the hook-up scene that I strived to become a part of was just a false panacea and cover-up for the true reality of this world.

Society always needs some type of panacea to deceive the masses and religion is just but one aspect of this notion. Karl Marx believed that religion was the opiate of the masses. Today, however, the illusion of religion has melted away to the point of irrelevance for most of us, but the powers that be need to have us preoccupied with something in order to ultimately distract us and keep us all sedated during our day-to-day lives. As religion crumbles and the sense of community begins to vanish, they present us with a new opiate and religion: The religion of sex. This new religion for the masses manifests itself in the form of unabashed sexual promiscuity accompanied by nihilism and hedonism.

Look around today, our culture is totally immersed in sexual imagery. The powers that be employ this imagery in order to get a Pavlovian response from the masses. They know what you desire, so they exploit that desire to the extreme, to the point that sex has become an unhealthy obsession for most. It is hard to fight the established order when you are busy chasing your next vagina exactly the same way in which a broke drug addict with severe withdrawals seeks to obtain their drug by any means necessary.

The truth is that sex is nothing special. Billions of people perform the act in order to produce children that are brought into this insane world. There is more to this world than sex because is the lowest common denominator, not special, not something to really be held in high esteem, and not an accomplishment of any real value because any idiot can stick his penis in a vagina. This is what separates humans from other animals who just fornicate in concordance with their instincts. Break from your biological shackles, and see reality for what it really is. Take the red pill, so to speak.

This paradigm of reproduction puts men into two different camps. At the extreme end of the continuum are the animalistic breeders who are living off of welfare, without a decent job, and the means for raising their many kids properly; at the other extreme end are the men who go their own way who realize that having kids may not be the best financial decision because of the less than inviting, hostile conditions they exist in, especially in the West. Lastly, you have everyone in between. Are men who go their own way smarter or more simply more aware of the world around them? You decide.

But make no doubt about it, the working and middle-class are favored by the breeders who pump out many more children than people who actually plan for the future and want to live a rational, balanced life. Men who go their own way realize that marriage and the inevitable children that arise from a marriage are a big liability that strangle all the joy out of life and the stereotypical lifestyle of a house, wife, and kids subjects him to a life of servitude to the state and to his wife.

Concluding thoughts

It must be mentioned that, again, men who go their way are not a disgruntled group who cannot achieve success with women, those are called involuntary celibates and they are not included in the scope of this discussion. Men who go their own way see reality for what it is and do not play the game that is rigged against them from the start.

Almost all success achieved in this world is for access to women. Women are not exploited creatures, which is why feminism is a false ideology not based on reality or even Natural law; women are the end goal that men strive for, and men put everything on the line and risk their whole livelihood for women and their future offspring that they create.

Will you break the cycle, go your own way and define life on your own terms or are you just going to be a compliant, little slave?

The choice is yours.

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