A Critique of the Truth Movement

by a8879

I will analyze how an objective person who is intrigued by the alleged, decentralized “truth movement”, which invariably leads to the discussion of the Jewish question. The most prominent figure that is discussed about concerning the Jewish question is, of course, Hitler. If you hunt long enough, you will inevitably stumble upon the sensitive topics that will be discussed here, and why myself and others will be possibly turned off to it all. What follows is an objective analysis of the many inconsistencies and problems that I see in a lot of the alleged truth movement websites, which make me skeptical of this alleged movement being genuine with benevolent intentions.

Hitler Worship

Upholding Hitler as a hero that stood up to Jewish tyranny is a horrible idea, as an unsuspecting person is too firm in their beliefs about Hitler. Getting obsessed about a seventy years gone political figure, that has been the subject of propaganda since the beginning of his political prominence, is falling into the upper triangle’s trap. It is a distraction from the empirical evidence we have of Jewish interference in our lives now, which is not demonized by Jews and easy to explain. (For example, here is an opinion piece by Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times on the Jewish control of Hollywood.) Even though I do not believe the official account of the Holocaust, I believe that Hitler was a Jewish puppet of Jewish banks whose intent was to be a Judas Goat to destroy the German people. My suspicion of Hitler being a Jewish agent working on behalf of the Jewish banks:

One major event of World War I was the Russian [Jewish funded and orchestrated] Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. This was the revolution which turned Russia into the communist nation we knew for most of the 20th century. The Revolution occurred one year before the end of World War I. It was led in large part by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who is better known by his code name, “Lenin” [Jewish].

At the time of the Revolution, Russia was an enemy of Germany. The grimness of World War I had aroused in the Russian people a strong anti-German sentiment. Opponents of Bolshevism were able to use this sentiment against the [Jewish] Bolsheviks by accusing Lenin of being a German agent. To some degree, this accusation was true. Sir Winston Churchill [Jewish], Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II, wrote, “They [the Germans] transported Lenin in a Sealed Train like a plague bacillus from Switzerland to Russia.” Churchill was referring to the train on which Lenin and his entourage traveled from their revolutionary headquarters in Switzerland through Germany to Russia in order to lead the Revolution which had already gotten underway. The German military guaranteed safe passage for Lenin’s train through Germany, but would not permit Lenin or his followers to step off the train while it was on German soil. At the train’s first stop in Germany after crossing the border from Switzerland, it was met and boarded by two German officers who provided a silent escort for the revolutionary party. The officers had been briefed earlier by General Erich Ludendorff, Chief of Staff of the German 8th Army on the Eastern Front. Ludendorff later became one of Germany’s most powerful political figures and a prominent supporter of Adolf Hitler.

Michael Pearson, author of an excellent book, The Sealed Train, presents evidence that the Germans continued to support the Bolsheviks even after the Russian Revolution was over. The German military wanted to ensure that the Bolsheviks were able to retain their power in Russia. According to German Foreign Office records released after World War II, the Foreign Office had allocated by February 5, 1918 a total of 40,580,997 German marks for Russian “propaganda” and “special purposes.” Most of that money is believed to have been sent directly to the new communist regime…According to the same documents, fifteen million marks had been released to Russia by the German Treasury just one day after Lenin officially assumed power in November of 1917. A telegram sent December 3, 1917 by Richard von Kuhlman, German Foreign Secretary, stated:

… it was not until the Bolsheviks had received from us a steady flow of funds through various channels that they were in a position to build up their main organ Pravda [link], to conduct energetic propaganda and appreciably to extend the originally narrow base of their party.

Three months later, another telegram sent by von Kuhlman revealed:

… the Bolshevik movement could never have attained the scale or the influence which it has today without our continual support.

Lenin understandably denied accusations that he had received any assistance from Germany. Germany was Russia’s enemy, and Lenin would have been considered a traitor to Russia. After all, why would capitalist Germany assist communists? The oppressive Russian Tsar had already abdicated before the Revolution and the Provisional Government set up in his place was a republican form of government patterned after the United States.

Most people believe that Germany helped Lenin overthrow the Provisional Government in order to end Russian involvement in World War I. German military leaders wanted nothing more than to disengage from the Eastern Front so that badly-needed soldiers and supplies could be moved elsewhere. The Provisional Government had continued the war against Germany, whereas the Bolsheviks did indeed pull Russia out of World War I after they took power.

The question is then raised: why did Germany aid communist revolutionaries? There were other political groups in Russia which could have been supported.

For one thing, the Bolsheviks probably stood the best chance at success. A more important factor is that some very prominent German industrialists and financiers with influence into the German military were supporters of the communist movement. Their support had begun long before World War I. One of Karl Marx’s [Jewish] most visible backers had been the wealthy German industrialist Friedrich Engels. Engels even co-authored the Communist Manifesto with Marx. Significant support for communism also came from the German banking community. Max Warburg [Jewish], a top leader in German finance, lent his assistance to the Bolsheviks, as did banker Jacob Schiff [Jewish] who, though an American, came from the same German family which had shared a house in Frankfurt generations earlier with the Rothschild [Jewish] family. According to Schiff’s grandson, Schiff had loaned about twenty million dollars to the early communist government in Russia. The combined infusion of Western loans and German treasury money was the only thing that enabled the early Bolshevik regime to survive.

There were many reasons why Western bankers financed the Bolsheviks. The common origins of communism and the inflatable paper money system in the same mystical network is one factor to be considered. Marxism closely followed the basic philosophical pattern of Christianity and other Custodial religions with their “final battle” and Utopian messages. Perhaps the most important fact about modern communism to explain Western banking support is the fact that communism is actually capitalism taken to an extreme.

Another messiah was gaining a large following in Germany. His “Coming” was said to be the beginning of the Millennium. Using one of the Brotherhood’s most important symbols, the swastika, that German Messiah’s name was Adolf Hitler.

During his young adulthood before rising to power, Hitler lived in Vienna. One of Hitler’s friends during that period was Walter Johannes Stein [Jewish]. During World War II, Dr. Stein became an advisor to England’s Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. Much of what Dr. Stein had to say about Hitler’s early life found its way into a book entitled, Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft.

Hitler did not develop his ideology in a vacuum. One of his most influential mentors was a Viennese bookstore owner named Ernst Pretzsche [Jewish]. Pretzsche was described by Dr. Stein as a malevolent-looking man with a somewhat toad-like appearance. Pretzsche was a devotee of the Germanic mysticism that was preaching the coming of an Aryan superrace. Hitler frequented Pretzsche’s store and pawned books there when he needed money. During those visits, Pretzsche indoctrinated Hitler in Germanic mysticism and successfully encouraged Hitler to use the hallucinogenic drug peyote as a tool for achieving mystical enlightenment.

As it turns out, Pretzsche was associated with a man named Guido von List. Von List was a founding member and leading figure in an occult lodge which used a swastika instead of a cross in its rituals. Before he was disgraced and forced to flee from Vienna, von List had gained a large audience for his Germanic mystical writings. Hitler became a member of that audience through Pretzsche.

Naziism was clearly more than a political movement. It was a powerful new Brotherhood faction steeped in Brotherhood beliefs and symbols. The emblem chosen to represent the Nazi party was the swastika—an important Brotherhood symbol since antiquity. Hitler was proclaimed not only a political messiah, but also a religious messiah whose Coming signaled the fulfillment of the apocalyptic philosophies espoused by German mystical groups. Hitler’s Coming was to bring about the “Thousand Year Reich”—a millennium in which mankind would be “purified” and reach its highest state of existence. Naziism was a Custodial religious philosophy as much as it was a political ideology. In a speech he gave at the Nazis’ 1934 Nuremburg Rally, Hitler said about the Party, “its total image, however, will be like a holy order.”

Naziism and all of its atrocities could never have happened without the support of the German [Jewish] banking fraternity. Banking, industry, and government were as tightly interwoven in Nazi Germany as they are in nearly every nation today. In Germany, many bankers held management positions in other companies, not the least of which was I. G. Farben. For example, Max and Paul Warburg [Jewish], who ran major banks in Germany and the United States (and who, incidentally, had been instrumental in establishing the [Jewish run and owned] Federal Reserve system in the United States), were I. G. Farben directors. H. A. Metz of I. G. Farben was a director of the Bank of Manhattan, which was a Warburg bank in the United States that later became part of the Chase Manhattan Bank managed by the Rockefeller [Jewish] family.* One director of American I. G. Farben was C. E. Mitchell, who was also director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and of National City Bank. Most significantly, Herman Schmitz [Knights of Malta, Jewish], President of I. G. Farben in Germany, had served on the boards of the Deutsche Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. As we recall, the Bank for International Settlements was the apex of the international central banking community and the interlocking inflatable paper money systems. Schmitz was one of the few I. G. Farben executives sentenced to a prison term at Nuremburg. He received a ten-year sentence.

Perhaps the most surprising support for Hitler in the international banking fraternity came from the director of the Bank of England, Montague Norman [Judaism inspired Mason]. England, of course, was an enemy of Nazi Germany during World War II. According to Dr. Quigley’s book, Tragedy and Hope, Mr. Norman was the “commander in chief of the world system of banking control during his governership of the Bank of England from 1920 until 1944. Said Dr. Quigley:

… many wealthy and influential persons like Montague Norman, and Henri Detering [owner of Shell Oil] directed public attention to the danger of Bolshevism while maintaining a neutral, or favorable, attitude toward Naziism.

The Bank of England continued to support Hitler even after the Nazi dictator embarked on his program of conquest. After Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in violation of the non-aggression pact between then-Prime Minister Chamberlain of England and Hitler, the Bank of England gave Nazi Germany six million Pounds of Czech gold reserves held by the Bank.

In the same way that a small clique of German petty princes had made a fortune from war in the 18th century by renting soldiers to warring nations, a small clique of banks and multinational corporations made a large profit by providing goods and services to both sides fighting in World War II. After giving early support to Hitler, the Bank of England naturally provided loans to Britain to fight Hitler. At the same time that the German subsidiaries of I.T.T. and General Electric were giving money to the SS and providing needed services to Nazi Germany, other branches in America and elsewhere were aiding Germany’s enemies. As I. G. Farben fueled Hitler’s war machine in Germany, one of its old cartel partners, Standard Oil, fueled the allied effort against Germany. While the Ford [Judaism inspired Mason] Motor Company produced materials for the American army to fight Germany, Ford plants in Germany were turning out military vehicles for the Nazis. No matter who won the war, those [Jewish] banks and companies would profit and find favor with whoever emerged victorious.

The overwhelming role that various [Jewish] bankers and industrialists played in propping up Hitler and in building the Nazi war machine has caused some historians to view those bankers and industrialists as the true powers behind Naziism. They were indeed highly significant, but were they actually the ultimate sources that gave us Naziism?

It is unfortunate that the Nazi defeat and reported deaths of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler did not end Nazi influence in the world. After World War II, Nazis participated in many important spheres of activity:

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) accepted the offer of Reinhart Gehlen [Knights of Malta, established the Israeli Mossad], Chief of Russian Intelligence operations in the Nazi Secret Service, to help build the American intelligence network in Europe after the war. Gehlen’s organization was staffed by many former SS members. The Gehlen organization became a significant element of the CIA in Western Europe and it also provided the foundation for the intelligence apparat of modern West Germany. The CIA also extracted information about Nazi psychiatric techniques from Nuremburg war crime trial records for use in the CIA’s infamous mind control experiments decades later.

Interpol, the private international police organization which is supposed to combat international criminals and drug traffickers, was headed by former Nazi SS officers several times up until 1972. This is not surprising when we consider that Interpol was controlled by the Nazis during World War II.

Prince Bernhard [Jewish Khazar] of the House of Orange in the Netherlands had been a member of the SS before the war, followed by a stint as an employee of I. G. Farben. He then married into the House of Orange and assumed his position as chairman of Shell Oil. Prince Bernhard founded the international “Bilderberg” [Jews and Judaism inspired Masons] meetings, which are still held every year. The Bilderberg meetings are meant to be informal get-togethers of the world’s top bankers, industrialists, political figures, and other prominent people for the purpose of discussing world conditions and reaching an occasional informal consensus. Prince Bernhard personally chaired these meetings until 1976, when a corruption scandal forced him to resign. — Bramley, William. 1989. The Gods of Eden. New York, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, p.338-341, 375-390

After conducting research from multiple sources, I now firmly believe that Hitler was not genuine, despite his anti-Semitic views found in Mein Kampf. The fact of the matter is that there are simply too many inconsistencies about Hitler to make him worth worshiping in the first place. The book Hitler, Founder of Israel (download), was a pivotal to understanding that the Nazis were controlled opposition. First of all, the author is a Jew named Hennecke Kardel, who I believe is trying to cover up the fact that Hitler was controlled opposition. The beginning of the book starts off with a picture of Hitler. Hennecke Kardel states that Hitler was one quarter Jewish and the grandson of a prominent Jewish family (some say he was a grandson of a Rothschild), and that Hitler had contempt for his own Jewishness and wanted to rid the world of international Jewry. As I thought about the author’s description of pointing out Hitler’s Semitic features, I came to realization that I had not given much thought to before: The fact that Hitler does not look Aryan at all. Is Hitler tall, like Aryans should be? No. Does he have blonde hair and blue eyes? No. He may not possess all the stereotypical features of Jewish people, such as: a wedge shaped, or sloped, forehead, ears that curl outward, curly hair, and a hooked nose, to name a few, but Hitler does not look Aryan.

There are details about Hitlers rise to power that strike me as suspicious. For example, Hitler worked for the German military police after he fought in World War I, during the reign of Jewish Soviet Weimar Republic. After he rose in prominence in the political scene, Hitler was funded by Jews with the intent to infiltrate the German Workers Party and merge it with the National Socialists to form the NSDAP. Hitler seemed primarily concerned with removing Jewish Bolsheviks from his country, while still being funded by Jews in general. This is clearly contradictory behavior.

I see Hitler’s ideology of socialism as just one of the tentacles of international Jewry, and it is laughable that Hitler made a distinction between Eastern Jews (communists) and Western Jews (capitalists). Socialism–created by Jew Moses Hess, like communism, which is derived from Talmudic Judaism and created by Karl Marx (Jewish, real name Mordecai Levi), demands submission and obedience to a figure of authority, whether the state, or in this case, Hitler, in order for a promise of salvation or Utopia. It is evident many people in Germany blindly followed their leader under the guise that his party platform and fascist policies would free them from Jewish tyranny. It is also suspect how Hitler emerged from a Soviet system of communism unscathed without some sort of civil war, repeated assassination attempts, or coups. Do you really think that the Jewish Soviet Weimar Republic would give up power if the NSDAP were not controlled opposition and a genuine threat to international Jewry?

Jews appear to be a main component of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, and very soon after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, his inner circle was completely filled with people who had at least some Jewish blood. By the mid nineteen thirties, upwards of sixty percent of Germany’s Jewish population had left the country in order to emigrate to Israel. The anti-Semitic newspapers that Hitler’s NSDAP party disseminated before coming into power were owned by Jews as well.

I see World War II as any other war, funded on both sides by Jewish banks and Jewish puppets in order to kill as many non-Jews and lesser Jews as possible. Hitler was not acting in a noble “Aryan” manner in his quest for lebensraum when he went into Czechoslovakia and received the gold reserves from those Jewish banks that were supposedly his enemies. Hitler embarked on a quest to supposedly defeat the tyranny of Jewish bankers, but went on a wrecking path against almost all of Europe trying to defy all odds, and being involved in a war in which fifty million souls perished. It should also be mentioned that all wars are a corporate racket, in which conscripted soldiers, who are in actuality innocent civilians, are used as pawns in a “game” of wholesale murder against their own brothers and sisters, for purely financial gain.

There is also the suspicious strategic military decision by Hitler to let the British forces retreat at Dunkirk, as he did not think that Western Jews were top priority. Ultimately, this was a war that Hitler was never supposed to win; it was designed to make Jews around the world look like victims under the fake Holocaust narrative and form the state of Israel.

The controlled opposition websites who do nothing but worship Hitler want to make us look like militant racist Ku Klux Klan members (Jewish created–check article on this website) and neo-Nazi groups that have shaved heads and goose step. These controlled opposition groups want to channel our anger and energy into prescribed avenues that will be counterproductive and ultimately useless, which will make anyone participating in these groups look crazy or violent. An objective person who is truth seeking will look at someone who is Jew-wise, glorifies Hitler and conclude that: Anti-Semite equals Hitler worshiper, which equals neo-Nazi, which (possibly) equals Ku Klux Klan member who wants to kill Blacks and other minorities. This objective person will ultimately want nothing to do with such a movement and will distance themselves from it. Links concerning the Nazis being Jewish and controlled opposition here, here, here, and here.

Peddling Christian Identity and British Israelism

Judaism is a Jewish supremacist doctrine. Christian Identity and British Israelism follow in the same footsteps of Judaism and are both White supremacism.

British Israelism emerged as an ideology after the English Revolution. The English Revolution was the effective takeover of England by the Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty, who overthrew the monarchy with the help of Jew Oliver Cromwell. The Rothschilds created British Israelism as an ideology for the non-Jews of Britain, which to begin with was based on subjective interpretations of Biblical scripture. It was created for the non-Jews in order for them to embrace the essence and attitudes of Judaism, which subsequently meant engaging in world conquest and colonialism. With the British believing that they were the real Jews, they colonized, raped, and pillaged their way through the world, while the Rothschilds were behind the scenes using England as a base for their global empire; however, today, after the rise and fall of the British Empire, has emerged a new superpower, the United States, which is engaging in the same acts of the British. In other words, the United States is being used a front for international Jewry, just as Britain was then.

Christian Identity emerged as an ideology after British Israelism, which through the subjective interpretation of Biblical scripture makes the same claims that today’s Jews are impostors, and that the White nations of the world and the United States are the true Israel. Essentially, this viewpoint is no different than British Israelism and is open to abuse and the same attitudes that Jews hold of themselves and of others that is reinforced in Judeo-Christianity. This type of thinking is lethal to humanity and has allowed self-chosen Jews to have a reign of terror over so-called lessor people in this world up to today.

Why do people peddle these viewpoints? To offer bad solutions to a problem. How? So that if somehow Jews did get attacked for their subversive control of their host societies and thrown from power, Jews could pose as Whites (crypto-Jews), which they do as already, and maintain the status-quo. It does not make sense to want to replace world figures with White people to continue the trend of the “Chosen Ones” if you are critical of Jewish supremacism. You would be replacing what you despise with the exact same thing, which would change nothing. White people should not be chosen to rule over the world just like the Jews do, just to recreate the same problems, so believing in Christian Identity would be a no better solution for the world than the current Judeo-Christian order we have today. The reason we are in this mess to begin with is the Christian Zionists who allowed and continue to allow international Jewry and Israel to commit atrocities and subversion around the globe because they are a special “Chosen People”.

Aside from the fact that the Christian Identity ideology is completely absurd, is that it is also disseminated on Internet forums and comments sections to divide and conquer. Hasbara trolls will use Christian Identity to derail a conversation about Jews in order to get people talking about a mundane topic. A religious topic like Christian Identity is surely a topic that will inflame many participants, and subsequent discussions will dovetail into irrelevant religious arguments. Christian Identity is also popular among convicts in jail and with White supremacists in particular, who may get shortened sentences in order to be paid shills under the control of the FBI, in order to disseminate this ideology throughout the Internet. In reality, Christian Identity ideology is prevalent in religious cults in the Unites States, and it appears to not be a widely held belief anyway, yet somehow you always seem to stumble by a Christian Identity believer who tries to tell you that Jews are not the real Jews and that the Bible has been perverted. Whatever the case, it is a diversionary tactic as it is ignoring Jewish control of our lives in this current moment.

What history shows, and what you will read about in the following piece, is that whenever some racial or ethnic group claims superiority over others, it is used as impetus to start controlling other people.

India: That land of mystery. It is a place where the spiritual arts flourish and the material arts wane. It is a country where nearly all life is held sacred, yet millions starve. To many people, the nation of India and the religion of Hinduism seem almost inseparable, as though they were created together and together they may one day die. The Hindu religion is adhered to by nearly 85% of India’s almost 800 million population, yet the India we have come to know and most of the religion it practices today were not created in India at all. The caste system, the majority of the Hindu gods, the Brahmin rituals, and the Sanskrit language were all brought in and imposed on the Indian people by foreign invaders many centuries ago. Somewhere between 1500 B.C. (the time of Thutmose in in Egypt) and 1200 B.C. (the time of Moses), the Indian subcontinent was invaded from the northwest by tribes of people known as “Aryans.” The Aryans made themselves India’s new ruling class and forced the native Indians into a servient status.

Precisely who the Aryans were and exactly where they came from is a puzzle still debated today. Historians have generally used the word “Aryan” to denote those peoples who spoke the Indo-European languages, which include English, German, Latin, Greek, Russian, Persian, and Sanskrit. “Aryan” also has a narrower racial meaning. It has quite often been used to designate mankind’s non-Semitic white-skinned race.

There are many theories about where Aryans first came from. A common hypothesis is that Aryans originated in the steppes (plains) of Russia. From there they may have migrated to Europe and down into Mesopotamia. Others believe that the Aryans arose in Europe and migrated east-ward. Some theorists, occasionally for racist reasons, claim that Aryans were the founders of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and were therefore the world’s first civilized peoples.[…]The Nazis even claimed that Aryans were originally created by godlike superhumans from a different world. A similar belief was expressed earlier in history. When Spanish conqueror, Pizarro, invaded South America in 1532, the South American natives referred to the Spanish invaders as Viracochas, which meant “white masters.” Native legends in South America told of a master race of huge white men who had come from the heavens centuries before. According to the legends, those “masters” had reigned over South American cities before disappearing again with a promise of return. The South American natives thought that the Spaniards were the returning Viracochas and so they initially allowed the Spaniards to seize the Americans’ gold and treasures without resistance.

Whatever the true origin of the Aryan race may or may not have been, many religious and mystical beliefs have been expressed throughout the world about the supposed superiority of the Aryan race over other races. Such beliefs are sometimes labelled “Aryanism.” Aryanism is the elevation of white-skinned Aryans over other races based on the notion that Aryans are the “chosen” or “created” race of “God” (or Custodial “gods”), and Aryans are therefore-spiritually, socially and genetically superior to all other races[…]the Japanese, also possess similar legends of having been born of extraterrestrial “gods.” — Bramley, William. 1989. The Gods of Eden.  New York, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, p.94-96

Militant Racism & Race Baiting

Websites that claim to be Jew wise and then constantly post about Black and non-White crime against Whites baffle me. Are these website owners really that ignorant, or is there a sinister motive at play? These website owners should know better than to engage in demagoguery, right? I believe that the websites that engage in this type of behavior are controlled opposition. Why? Because good ideas that unite are dangerous. The Jews who wrote the Protocols were aware of this and state:

There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative: If it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the goyim communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, 5.11

The demagogues who post about Black on White crime on their supposed Jew wise sites are spreading discord, as the Protocols predicted that they would.

What some White nationalists that come off as openly hostile to non-Whites do not realize is, is the fact that most non-White people come to Western countries because of poor economic conditions, famine, and war created by international Jewry. Some of these White nationalists make it seem like there is a conspiracy by non-Whites to invade these countries on purpose to make their lives miserable. The truth is that most of these non-Whites do not want to pack up what little belongings they have and move half way across the world to a totally foreign environment; however, due to their homelands being treated as a sandbox for slavery by international Jews, many of them do not have a choice. One in ten people from the Philippines work abroad.

Knowing this, all of our focus must be directed to the international Jew, because they are the nation-wreckers who are at the root of all of the problems that we have in our world. Getting mad at non-Whites and the discriminatory hiring policies of Affirmative Action in Western countries is getting mad at the symptoms, and not the disease. The disease is the international Jew who infiltrated our White countries and liberalized the immigration and hiring policies to create animosity and racial tensions in our multicultural societies.

White Nationalism is a Divide and Conquer Strategy Used in Multicultural Countries

A lot of White nationalists are thinking on a too small of a scale. They do not realize they are battling a concept called international Jewry. I am also suspicious of anyone who wants to limit the task of tackling the Jewish question to White people only. I want to tell people of all races and ethnicities of this problem that plagues all of humanity. This is about survival, not happily standing in a multicultural circle holding hands, as I do not believe in multiculturalism. One thing is certain though, if Whites want their countries back, then they will need all the help they can get.

This is Turkish actress Hazal Kaya. White nationalists do not realize that there are Western Europeans living in Turkey. Most Turks are not Kurdish.

This is Turkish actress Hazal Kaya. Most White nationalists are ignorant of the fact that there are Western Europeans living in Turkey

What strict White nationalists do not realize is, is that they wish for a pan-White movement with other Whites who do not necessarily share the same culture as them, but just because they are White, they can unite for a common cause against international Jewry. First off, basing a social movement along the guidelines of skin color is shaky, because of the subjectivity of where the line is on some one being classified as being White or not. Is the White nationalist movement for Whites that are Nordics with blond hair, blue eyes, and subscribe to Scandinavian culture? What about darker looking Southern Europeans who are olive skinned, have brown hair, brown eyes, and are ethnic Muslims? What if I told you there are albino-looking Turks that are ethnic Muslims, that would have almost no cultural similarities to their biological relatives in Western Europe, do you include them in the movement too?

There are two problems that need to be solved here; the first, which is the cultural issue, because the Whites who have lived in North America and Western Europe for generations have had their culture high-jacked by international Jews and replaced with their Talmudic vision; the second, is reverting back to a pre-globalized world and structuring countries based on nationalism.

The reality that White nationalists have to accept is that their ideal for a racially homogenous society does not exist anymore, and will not be coming back, so there is no use to be a colorist on this issue that will just alienate more people who are also suffering under this multicultural system. Whites will have to collude with non-Whites until Whites become self-determined in their own countries and are able to restructure and repair the damage that liberal immigration policies have caused. It will require a world revolution to overthrow the international Jews because it is a worldwide problem. To think any less of the issue is to not see the forest from the trees.

The more people we can get on our side against these nation-wreckers, the stronger we all will be. Set aside your differences for a moment to prevent the destruction of each and every race and culture on Earth, aside from the Jews, of course, which is what will happen to all of us in our global pluralist society if we do not act now. We must use our strength of numbers to work together and achieve that goal. Once the Jewish power elite have been overthrown, we can repair the damage that multiculturalism has caused. Until then, White nationalists will be living in a fantasy world of ideals that will never be realized otherwise.